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Louis Moinet is today an independent watch brand based in Saint-Blaise, Switzerland, has been able to woo Emirates with its specialised creation of high-end timepieces, often featuring exotic materials and innovative technology, underpinned by the philosophy of limited edition mechanical art.
Damas & Damas Les are the exclusive retailers in UAE for all of Louis Moinet’s timepieces are either exclusive limited editions or unique pieces. Uniqueness, creative horology, art and design, and exclusivity are at the heart of Louis Moinet creations.
CEO and Creative Director Jean-Marie Schaller, the responsibility of reviving the Louis Moinet name and of heading the brand today is a natural vocation. Schaller says, “Watchmaking has always been in my blood. Coming from the Jura Mountains, the world surrounding me revolved around one thing: Horology.”
“I grew up knowing that a watch is no ordinary object: It is a cultural testimony, a legacy inherited from a generation of craftsmen. In a watch, you see the brain of the engineer, the heart of the designer, the eye of the artist and the hand of the watchmaker,” said Schaller.
Louis Moinet was one of the greatest watchmakers ever – his inventiveness, passion and willingness to pass on his wisdom mean his contribution to horology is immeasurable. Born into a prosperous farming family in Bourges, France in 1768, the young Moinet quickly distinguished himself as an excellent student. While he was busy with his studies, he was introduced to the art of fine watch making and spent a lot of time learning the craft at the side of a master watch maker. Over time he was to distinguish himself as a horological inventor and innovative extraordinaire, thanks to the invention of the first-ever chronograph.
Moinet’s inventive genius and innovative spirit lives on as the essence of the brand, thanks to Jean-Marie Schaller who, as founder and creative director of the Louis Moinet brand, revived the prestigious name of the inspirational master watchmaker.
Louis Moinet timepieces are distinguished by a strong identity, with ‘Côtes du Jura’ guilloche dials, ‘Gouttes de rosée’ hands, and distinctive cases with screwed bezels. Another signature feature of Louis Moinet is the use of extremely rare materials, such as tropical fossilised palm wood and dinosaur bone, or wondrous meteorites hailing from the Moon or Mars. The most extraordinary of the meteorites used in Louis Moinet timepieces – the Sahara 955, a fragment of which can be found in the dial of Astralis, for example – has been estimated as 4.6 billion years old, making it the oldest known rock in our Solar System.
Continuing and preserving Louis Moinet’s historical heritage, Louis Moinet is proud to count a number of today’s celebrities among their prestigious clientele, such as the King of Malaysia, among others.
Louis Moinet timepieces are the subject of numerous patent applications to protect technical innovations which have won several international accolades.Tempograph and Jules Verne Instrument have each won a prestigious Red Dot Award for design while the Jules Verne Instrument also claimed the prize for ‘Most Innovative Design Watch’ at the Journey Through Time awards organised by Malaysia’s renowned Starhill Gallery.


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