‘Locky’ prowling on UAE networks

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ALKESH SHARMA Emirates Business

Beware! Locky is on the prowl. So, keep your networks safe.
Alarm has been sounded as the new malware is posing a serious threat to corporates in the UAE and in the Middle East region. The virus can malign the entire
network of the company while stealing confidential information from the cloud storages.
The hackers will let go only after extorting ransom money while the companies’ complete networks are compromised.
As per industry estimates, the UAE is among the ‘top 10’ nations that are on the radar of cyber criminals and corporates globally are losing over $2.5 billion
annually due to cyber-attacks.
According to reports, Locky has already paralysed computers of enterprises and private individuals, while causing loses worth millions. Austria-based RadarServices, which has its corporate office in Dubai, cautioned that the new susceptible target of this malicious virus could be the Middle East. Presence of rich variety of business enterprises in the Emirates, and their vast reliance on technology and new media means, makes the UAE one of the most vulnerable targets for the attack.

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