Indian stuck in Qatar dies of heart attack

Dubai, Oct 4 (IANS) An Indian expatriate worker who had not been able to travel home for over a decade due to financial difficulties has died of heart attack, a media report said.
Abdul Khader Meeran, 67, who hailed from Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavoor district, died on September 22 after collapsing in the kitchen of his accommodation in the warehouse compound where he used to work as a watchman, the Gulf Times reported on Saturday.
Meeran, who was caught up in the struggle to mobilise savings from odd jobs to marry off his five daughters, could not afford to travel home even for his youngest daughter’s wedding “as his finances were very bad”, the daily cited a friend as saying.
“As all the major responsibilities to his family were over, he was planning to leave Qatar for good shortly,” said the friend, who works as a driver.
“I am ready to take Meeran’s body to India if someone could bear the expenses,” he added.
There have been many instances of Indian expatriates unable to travel home for many years owing to financial issues.
In some cases, the intervention of community members and philanthropists have helped them return to their homes. But many others have died in Qatar.

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