In coop with GPSSA, DCAA hosts workshop


The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) has reiterated that as of 28th of February 2016, the retirement eligibility in case of resignation of the insured will become 49 years of age, provided the completion of 20 years in service.
The issue was raised during a workshop hosted by Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, DCAA, in cooperation with GPSSA, which was attended by a number of DCAA employees with different positions including heads of departments and sections, and presented by Mouza Al Dhaheri, Director of Contributions Department, Fidaa Abu Rumman, Legal Affairs Consultant, and Khalifa Al Falasi, Acting Director of Dubai Operations Center from GPSSA.
On behalf of Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, Director General of DCAA, Abdulrahim Al Mulla, Director of Corporate Support thanked GPSSA for responding to DCAA’s call to hold the workshop.
Al Mulla said, “We, at Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, are keen to provide our staff with all the information related to their career paths, enabling them to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Federal Law on Pension and Social Security and get the best service provided by GPSSA, which helps them to take knowledge based decisions with full awareness of their rights and obligations as per the Law. Thus, we sought through hosting GPSSA to raise awareness among employees about the current Pension Law and the insurance benefits it stipulates, which reflect stable lifestyle for our employees and their families.”
The workshop took the form of an open meeting where questions and inquiries related to the subject matter where exchanged, presenting constructive suggestions. The workshop featured many questions about adding previous service durations, purchasing legal service durations, the conditions of pension entitlement, and the benefits provided by the Law for women, in addition to other questions.

For her part, Consultant Fidaa Abu Rumman said, ” We are always keen to meet with employers and insured employees as part of our plans to increase awareness about awareness the Federal Law on Pension and Social Security. We always make use of such opportunities to ensure that human resources departments within Employers covered by the Pension Law verify that the insured employee meets the conditions of pension eligibility in terms of service duration and age, and to ensure that employees are fully aware of such terms that govern their entitlement for the pension.

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