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‘How to rocket’ to enter UAE SMEs

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HOW TO ROCKET —an exciting new event connecting small business owners to key service providers — will be launched in the Emirates on Tuesday. Focusing on showcasing outstanding quality companies that offers their business related services and products to micro- and small- businesses, the event will feature quality brands showcasing their services, engaging presentations and seminars, hands-on workshops, speed-networking sessions, free parking, free wifi and more.
It will cover the hottest topics in the SME industry: concept & set up, branding & creativity, money & finance, leadership & growth, strategy & performance, balance & wellness.
The homegrown B2B concept was created by Sian Rowlands, Rebecca Rose and Stevi Lowmass following The Business Factory, an event run as an initiative by female networking brand Heels & Deals.
The three entrepreneurs then set about spending some time to develop a business model that would not only bring the part-expo, part-conference event format to a larger audience, but to truly create an entrepreneur’s community here in Dubai.
Working with Creative Partner, Mr H., the HOW TO ROCKET brand was developed to reflect an energetic personality and encompass drive and ambition at the heart of so many entrepreneurs. The HOW TO ROCKET founders quickly dubbed themselves ‘aspiring astronauts’ which always elicits compliments when handing over business cards! Whilst it is currently a small team they are dedicated to making big waves by delivering an outstanding first event and looking forward to following up with an exciting series later in the year.
With the guidance and training of Mike Hoff Consultancy’s (also known as MHC) Scaling Up Club, HOW TO ROCKET has its sights set on the stratosphere and is well on the way to making some key partnerships that will enable their mission!
The team has joined with other organisations in the UAE who support and who are part of the SME community, SME’s provide jobs for more than 86 per cent of the UAE’s private sector workforce (that’s 350,000 companies) as well as currently contributing to more than 60 per cent of the country’s GDP, making up for nearly three-quarters of SMEs are in wholesale and retail trade.
Some useful facts that the HOW TO ROCKET team have sourced: His Excellency Engineer Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, the UAE’s Minister of Economy, revealed that not only do SMEs represent the majority of businesses in the UAE,
they also provide jobs for many professionals in the Emirates, HE Al Mansouri explained that SMEs are the key drivers of the UAE’s economy and represent more than 94 per cent of the total number of companies operating in the country. The companies are divided as follows: Wholesale and retail trade sector (73 per cent), Services sector (16 per cent), and the Manufacturing sector (11 per cent).

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