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Hotels could delight tech-savvy travellers with mobility solutions


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Today’s tech-savvy members dubbed as #GenMobile always travel with three or more mobile devices. And when they arrive at hospitality venues, they’ll demand to connect to everything all the time, making it essential for venues to provide a memorable guest Wi-Fi experience. Technology is no longer just solving back-end business problems. It also isn’t just a tool to give guests access to the internet. Today, technology enables hospitality venues to offer guests an immersive, personalized experience like never before. From wayfinding and push notifications, based on an individual’s location and personal preferences, to simplified check-in/checkout, and a more “home like” experience while they’re traveling, technology is no longer just about infrastructure. Mobility technology solutions are a true enabler in offering the traveler a “wow” experience in every step of their journey.
Essam ElHawary, Hospitality Manager at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company says “We estimate that UAE has more than 170 hospitality projects and 45,000 rooms in the pipeline and as tech savvy guests begin bringing additional devices and connecting simultaneously in various meeting rooms and conference spaces, device densities become problematic – the existing Wi-Fi network can no longer handle skyrocketing mobile device densities and accompanying demands. Suddenly, a hotel with 1,000 rooms can have 4,000+ devices accessing their network at the same time. Speed and bandwidth can quickly become issues. Hotels are seeking a flexible, high-density enterprise WLAN they can leverage to generate additional event revenues that would yield a healthy ROI.” Predictive, proactive, and actionable data opens the door to new travel experiences – from offering a personal booking experience, to a seamless and personalized check-in, to a room specially configured to the guest’s preferences, to ensuring guests never get lost on property. With the proliferation of IoT devices and deployment of the latest technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, and armed with data to capture the traveler’s preferences, all that is needed to ensure endless possibilities for a dynamic customer experience is a well thought out mobile app and guest engagement strategy.
“#GenMobile demands the latest technology to help them stay connected and engaged and expect hotel chains to personalize their experience during their stay. Over 70% say free Wi-Fi plays a key role in deciding where they book and stay. So being able to provide the best possible Wi-Fi experience, personalized with mobile engagement solutions, is critical,” concludes Essam.

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