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Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck is Dubai’s exciting new casual dining offering and one that is creating a well-deserved buzz among the city’s discerning gourmands who are seeking a more interactive eating venture. The restaurant is located in the heart of Jumeirah at Galleria Mall on Al Wasl road, Dubai.
Chef Heinz Beck, founder of Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck, talks about his venture in the Emirates, “I was very curious about Dubai, as it is known for being an exciting and dynamic city that hosts the diverse expertise and talents of entrepreneurs from across the world. Prior to opening ‘Taste of Italy’ in the Emirate, I was approached many times with ideas for various dining concepts.”
Chef Heinz Beck is a Michelin-starred chef, his restaurant is first one into the exciting world of gourmet casual dining. The outlet is distinguishing itself through its harmonious blending of the best of Italian cuisine with an immersive experience that places customers at the very heart of the cooking action.
“I had opened ‘Social Heinz Beck’ at the Waldorf Astoria (in 2012), but I have always wanted to pioneer the idea of a top-quality casual dining experience in Dubai. With that in mind, I started looking for the perfect opportunity to bring my idea to life; for this to work, I needed to be able to balance my cuisine philosophy with the uniqueness of the casual dining concept,” he added.
Further, elaborating his association with the Marka Holding, “I got into contact with Marka Holding, the first publicly traded retail operator focusing on the Fashion, Hospitality, and Sports segments, and I felt that I had finally found partners who truly understood my concept. Once I got in touch with Marka Holding, the first publicly traded retail operator focusing on the Fashion, Hospitality, and Sports segments, I felt that I had finally found the right partners who truly understood my concept.”
Taste of Italy has been set up as a dynamic culinary space where diners can watch the master chefs go about their work in the creation of sublime gastronomic offerings.Visitors to the restaurant are welcomed through its expansive and inviting entrance that has been designed to reveal its open floor plan and array of culinary stations and ingredient stands. Once inside, they enter the main dining space surrounded by open kitchens and counters on all sides, including the main kitchen, pastry kitchen, bakery, delicatessen and pastry counter. The incorporation of all these elements in one space enables visitors to become an integral part of the energy of a modern haute cuisine kitchen.
Incorporating a minimalistic approach to its interior style, Taste of Italy’s decor is elegant, refined and understated. Low key lighting suffuses the subtle colours of grey, brown and black with a soft glow that affirms the restaurant’s theme – this is not a traditional style trattoria.
The tall ceiling, exposed brickwork, wood paneling and effective sparse use of plants all create a light and airy ambience that works perfectly to complement the activity from the kitchens and counters, imbuing the establishment with a vibrant, contemporary feel.
Taste of Italy’s menu comprises Heinz Beck’s interpretation of Italian classics, all infused with his signature Michelin star twist. The concept of the taste experience is one that is defined by delicate flavours served in moderate portions. Authenticity and quality are the pillars of the restaurant’s commitment to serving only the very best, with all dishes offered created from high quality ingredients sourced through chef Heinz’ personal network of suppliers that are predominantly located in Italy. Included among Taste of Italy’s extensive menu offerings are exquisite pizzas, delectable meatdishes and fish dishes, delicious appetizers and sumptuous desserts.
Beck added that Expo 2020 would be another notable event that could help boost the economy and businesses in a big way, “It’s the first time in history that a city in the Middle East has been selected to host an event on the scale of Expo 2020. This means that an incredible amount of work needs to be done in order to create and promote the event in the best light
possible. The diversity, quality and prime locations of some of the world’s best restaurants statement of the success of Dubai’s hospitality sector,
especially the food and beverages
Recognising that food preparation works in synergy with thequality of its ingredients to create the ultimate in flavour, Chef Heinz’ has handpicked his Taste of Italy staff, assembling a team of culinary artists who are uncompromising in their commitment to providing only the very best epicurean experience.
The Taste of Italy kitchen staff
consists of professionals who have vast experience either working with chef Heinz or in other Michelin star environments, with the result being that the restaurant has a cadre of culinary experts all dedicated to crafting his unique dishes with passion and care.

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