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Health insurer to subsidize Apple Watch buys



A major US health insurance company has said it will help buy Apple smartwatches for customers as part of a move to integrate the gadgets into wellness management programs.
Aetna announced that, in the coming open enrollment period, it will make Apple Watch buys an option for large employers and individual customers, becoming the first major health care company to subsidize “a significant portion” of the cost of an Apple Watch. Aetna would let people pay off the balances of Apple Watch buys using monthly payroll deduction plans if they wish.
Aetna describes itself as one of the nation’s leading diversified health care benefits companies, serving an estimated 46.3 million people. Along with the customer program, Aetna said that it planned to give each of its nearly 50,000 employees an Apple Watch if they take part in a company wellness program incorporating the internet-connected wrist wear.

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