Guvera’s new update to revolutionize music

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Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

Internationally-renowned music streaming service provider Guvera has announced a major product upgrade. The application is set to provide a completely new approach to the way its members engage, discover and recommend music.
Ananya Amin, Guvera Chief Commercial Officer, India and Middle East, told Emirates Business, “Guvera’s Social features are supercharged with 3.0. Music Channels based on most popular genres, themes or moods give brands the opportunity to connect with users via exclusive content specific to their brand and align with their music strategy.” The Music Channels are based on the region’s most popular genres, themes or moods, which encompass pop, indie, charts and decades, offer Guvera members more than just a listening experience.
Amin said, “Music Channels is basically a selection of chart-topping music through genres that have the region grooving. This update also allows us to experience our music on a personal level with friends and family through the Guvera Social segment. All in all, our update offers you a music streaming experience like no other. We aim to exemplify the culture of every region through the channels and believe that music sounds best, when it’s shared.”
Robb Snell, Head of Product, Guvera Australia in addition explained on the upgraded application, “Guvera 3.0 brings with it a host of technical advancements that continue to promote Guvera as a leader in user experience for music entertainment. Two prime examples are its seamless integration of video content and the ubiquitous influence of its listener taste profiles. With the introduction of short form video content our mobile development teams focused on creating a player that allows listeners to gracefully transition between audio and video streams as frequently and easily as they wish.”
“When it comes to personalization, each Guvera listener automatically gets their own taste profile that grows with them as they discover, like and save their favorite tracks. No two listeners will have same experience on Guvera as their profile influences both music and brand recommendations throughout their listening journey.”

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