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Ethan Allen has become the first choice among generations. This furniture brand is offering authentic, luxurious and easy to live in designs. Since 1932, the brand is specialised in creating icons of livable luxury. It offers impressively designed, beautifully crafted classics that become as much a part of your style as that little black dress or favourite pair of jeans.
Leon Machenaud is the Brand Manager of the classic American furniture company. He is responsible for the brand’s development in the UAE and oversees the brand’s logistics, marketing, finances and operational departments within the UAE. While talking to Emirates Business, Machenaud said, “We’re specialised in offering furniture icons of livable luxury and creating magic in our customer’s homes. We totally aim to deliver the best to our customers and offer them a unique sense of designer furniture that they could only find at our store and nowhere else. Our talented designers are here to help them through the whole interior design journey, from understanding the taste and needs of the homeowner, to selecting fabrics, working on floorplans and delivery and installation, in addition to the adding the last touches of
Ethan Allen is a global leader in furniture industry. It is known for unique designs, make and sell furniture, accents, textiles, and more for the home through a network of nearly 300 design centers worldwide. The company also has a contract division dedicated to furnishings for the hospitality/business markets. Over 80-years of reputation for quality and service sets Ethan Allen apart.
The main objective of the company is to
uphold the high standards and to offer
cutting-edge style at a remarkable value.
Machenaud added, “Ethan Allen is classic with a modern perspective. We’re a vertically integrated design company which owns our furniture factories in North America. This allows us an uncompromised craftsmanship for the past 85 years. We design and built most of what we sell and, ensure the premium quality for our consumers.”
Ethan Allen design center worldwide enables you to discover an extensive array of exclusive and eclectic fashions for home, virtually endless ways to personalise your choices through fabrics, finishes, and trims, along with the priceless help of its professional designers.
“The supply is huge and the demand keeps growing. The UAE customer has high expectations. They are worldly knowledgeable and have a great understanding of brands and their offerings. Despite having a high disposable income, the customer is savvy and conscious of the quality and return on their buck,” Machenaud said.
He added, “The industry is booming, since many expats look at United Arab Emirates as home, instead of a stepping stone, therefore they invest in the designing of their homes and quality furniture. The customers’ buying patterns have diversified over years; consumers are spoilt with choice and look for designs that are unique and customised to their preferences.”
Further Machenaud elaborated about Ethan Allen’s popular pieces. “The customers highly relate to the authentic Middle Eastern culture, hence, the majlis stands out more often than the other pieces. Additionally, the L shaped sofas are extremely popular and in demand across the Emirate. Parker’s chair is one of our most iconic pieces, which often steals the limelight in-stores,” he added.

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