French jewellery brand opens first mono-store in UAE

Dubai / Emirates Business

Contemporary French jewellery house ‘dinh van’ opened its first mono-store at City Walk, Dubai on Wednesday. The brand has been a symbol for elegant, eclectic designs in the UAE after having a strong following in the region.
Founded by Jean Dinh Van in Paris in 1965, the House of dinh van was born from the will to modernise the archaic codes of fine jewelry and to promote his modern vision that reflects the desires of the contemporary woman. General Manager of dinh van, Thierry Vasseur, was delighted to have finally brought their brand to the Middle East, he stated, “We have achieved a milestone as we open our very first UAE-based hub today. We lay main emphasis on winning the hearts and minds of the people in the UAE, as this part of the world is one of the most essential and unique market that appreciates beautiful, elegant and timeless pieces.”
dinh van a known name in the luxury business, has been among the favourites of may A listers, the brand offers bespoke, uniquely crafted jewelry pieces for independent and liberated women to wear in everyday life.
Inspired by essential square and circle-shaped pieces, dinh van is renowned for bringing a new and modern approach to the world of exclusive jewelers, with stylish and desirable must-haves like the famous Menottes dinh van line, menottes in French means handcuffs and the collection symbolizes the attachment between two lovers .
Nick Peel, CEO of Marka PJSC (DFM: MARKA), the first public joint stock retail operator in the UAE, said: “The House of dinh van is the first jewelry brand we have brought to the UAE. With its established celebrity following and exquisite designs, it is an exciting addition to the unique luxury brands that Marka is developing here in the UAE.”
Following on the success of dinh van’s mono-store in Dubai, Marka aims to continue the luxury jewelry house’s expansion in the Middle East with plans for five more bespoke boutiques to take root in the UAE and Qatar ahead of Expo 2020.

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