FNC asks TRA to devise Emiratisation plan



The Federal National Council (FNC) on Tuesday called for devising a strategic plan to Emiratise the telecommunications sector during a session for debating the policy of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).
The house recommended that the plan should include programmes and initiatives on the best methods to nationalise the vital sector and should consider the present and future requirements of the sector along with financial bonuses for employees.
The FNC recommended that the TRA mull slashing of prices of all communications services following the completion of the terrestrial networks exchange project and opening of the geographical domain of licensed operators. The house committee for Islamic Affairs and public utilities issued a set of recommendations after discussing the TRA policy. The recommendations called for introducing benchmarks for measuring performance of the TRA’s activities and initiatives, preparing a programme for adopting the concept of “Knowledge and information-based economy” in the TRA’s future.

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