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Flexibility key to retain women talent

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Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

Women’s participation at workplace has increased manifold over the last decade, but at the same time due to busy schedules and lack of office flexibility many working mothers are
giving up their careers midway.
According to a recent survey of professional women in the GCC by MCG Group, 76 percent respondents cited lack of flexible options as a reason for not returning to work, while more than a third of them stated they would resume work immediately if they get flexible timing.
“Coming from a busy role in advertising and as a soon-to-be mum of two very young children, I fully understand the struggle of juggling home and work. Our company Hopscotch has been launched to enable professional women across the Middle East, whatever their situation is, to find flexible work options and to support them in their quest,” said Helen McGuire, founder and CEO of MCG Group of Companies, who herself has been a professional mother.
MCG Group research also revealed that 92 percent of companies require employees who work non-traditional hours as part of their workforce and 80 percent of them encourage flexible approaches to time and locations.
Bringing a revolutionary wave in the corporate world, Hopscotch is the first recruitment company of its kind in the region to offer job options withflexible timing options to professional women.
Hopscotch, a subsidiary company of MCG Group, has launched an innovative concept where it will work with professional women and help them in finding appropriate
“We are delighted to announce the launch of our new business offering easy working options to professional women in the Middle East. I founded it in association with my husband Justin McGuire and we encourage women to register their details at hopscotch.ae. We will soon get back to them with good options ,” said McGuire.
In a recent research, the World Bank has estimated that if women in this region participate as much as men, another 5 percent would be added to the overall GDP.

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