Facebook Lite grabs over 200 million monthly users


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While we continue to make all Facebook apps a great experience, we heard from people they want an even more lightweight option. In many areas, networks can be slow and not able to support everything found in other Facebook apps. To help make sure everyone can have a great Facebook experience regardless of where they connect, we rolled out Facebook Lite as a standalone, native app designed for lower end Android devices on spotty network connections to give people a reliable Facebook experience when bandwidth is low. We want to deliver the power of a native app, with features such as News Feed, status updates, push notifications, and camera/photo integration, while still being lightweight.
We’ve made a lot of improvements over the past year, including:
IMPROVING PERFORMANCE: We have been working hard to make sure FB Lite is fast and reliable, regardless of where you connect.
IMPROVING LOOK AND FEEL: We want to make sure people can have an easy and good experience, so have integrated more features that other Facebook apps have, while keeping it simple. For example, you can now like, comment, and share posts.
EASIER ONBOARDING: We’ve found that people who use FB Lite are also those that share devices. So we’ve made it easier for people to log on and off their accounts.
When we rolled out FB Lite for a handful of countries in 2015, people started using it, and we’re excited about the growth we’ve had. We understand that a lot of the features of FB Lite are a good fit for emerging markets, but we’ve seen interest in other countries as well — specifically when people want a lightweight, simple experience. Since people are using FB Lite and we hear from our community that they want more options, we are rolling out in additional countries: South Korea, UAE, Italy, and others. We are hoping to roll it out to further countries soon.

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