‘Face to Face’ ushers you to world of art

Fred Kleinberg Vanishing act 2009 Oil on canvas 150x200cm copy

Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

La Galerie Nationale’s French owner Guillaume Cuiry organised an Art Preview titled ‘Face to Face’ for the art aficionados in Dubai.
While talking about the exhibition, Guillaume Cuiry said, “‘Face to Face’ is exciting and is a personal journey for all visitors. This exhibition would offer a glimpse of the artworks made by the five artists in their own special and individual medium.”
Cuiry further told Emirates Business, “The diversity of the works on the display can be felt all at once. Philippe Pasqua’s works strike the visitor with an almost physical impact, but also, like a vision, that is at the same time explosive and incisive. The monumental format of the artist’s grand drawings and canvases is dictated by the breadth of his gestures — a dance where brutality and finesse, trance and lucidity alternate.”
The exhibition is a collaboration of five artists with diverse backgrounds. ‘Face to Face’ would exhibit seven artworks from French artist Philippe Pasqua called ‘The Blind’ series; two main artworks from Fred Kleinberg titled ‘Portrait’ series; three pieces by Lebanese artist and painter Katia Traboulsi in the series called ‘Insider’. Belgian sculptor Arnaud Rivieren presented The Console/Bar from the ‘Meeting Point’ series; while French artist Pierre Marie Lejeune showcased Cripto, one of his most iconic artworks.
“Katya Traboulsi’s creative process embraces art in all its forms. She expresses her creativity in the language of art: her fears, hopes, and frustrations, communicating visually the influence of her past, wanting people to remember that we are all connected, and we are all affected. Art is a witness of its time—the artist’s life is told in his or her work,” moving on to the sculptors participating at the exhibition, he said, “Dubbed ‘a scientist of spatial subterfuge, a doctor of dynamics, and the crown prince of the circle’, Arnaud Rivieren is a master sculptor. While Pierre Marie Lejeune’s sculptures express the telluric energy that flows from the earth and once free from gravity, flies towards heaven.”
The amalgamation of objects in the exhibition nurtures a kind of culmination of this inquisitive mind towards a more collaborative approach with a desire to exchange and engage in friendly reunions. The artists work is a doorway to his/ her journey, which allows the onlookers to explore into the artist’s life.

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