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Experts call for more women in workforce



RITIKA SHARMA / Emirates Business

Industry leaders discussed ways to enhance the role of women in the global corporate and cultural landscapes, at the recently concluded Women in Industry Forum in Abu Dhabi. During the event, women front-runners from several industries offered advice to next generation of female leaders on how right education can make a difference.
Various women centric reports suggest that having more women in workforce can be a major factor for economies to thrive.
Lorraine Martin, deputy executive vice president of Mission Systems and Training business, Lockheed Martin said, “When we expand the overall number of qualified women in the workforce, we will see an even greater, exponential impact on the global economy. Therefore, it is of global importance to educate young women and provide everyone equal opportunities to work, to lead and to succeed.”
“The more intelligent, problem-solving human capital we have in the marketplace, the more innovation and growth we will see, particularly in emerging markets,” she added. She was speaking on the ‘Women in Leadership and in Business’ panel with Her Excellency Fatima Al Jaber, Board Member, Al Jaber Group and other industry leaders.
In offering advice to the next generation of female leaders, Martin said, “It all starts with education and that learning should never stop. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education provides a distinct advantage in our field. It is critical to innovation, and I would encourage any young woman to consider STEM subjects – or career development opportunities in these fields.”
Industry leaders during the conference also suggested that women should look for opportunities outside of their comfort zone and above all – focus on performance. “The philosophy I developed over the years is ‘every commitment, every day,’ which underscores the importance of consistently delivering and ensuring you are contributing to projects that make a difference in your business,” she said.

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