Etisalat discusses key success factors for SMBs

Dubai / Emirates Business

Etisalat’s participation at the SMEWorld Summit 2016 shed light on how small and medium businesses (SMB) outliers are disrupting established business models world over. As Strategic SME partner of the region’s largest entrepreneurship summit in its third year, the telco discussed the importance of game changing innovations and other factors that hold the key to success for start-ups and SMBs.
Markets are alive and forever changing, presenting unique challenges to the people and machines operating within them. Addressing an audience of over 2000 entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and business enablers from the MENA region, John Lincoln, Senior Vice President – SMB, Etisalat, said, “An environment where the stakes are high is a foundation for innovation. Leadership failures enable disruptive innovation. Over sophistication of products and services open doors to disruptive technologies. We are living in times where opportunities are abound for start-ups and small businesses, and the world is making way for disruptive ideas to scale.”
In his keynote presentation, Lincoln also discussed success factors for start-ups and the potential that communities hold to enable disruption of incumbents and reshape markets faster than any other force.

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