Emirates Soil Museum opens its doors in Dubai


Dubai / WAM

The International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) inaugurated on Thursday the Emirates Soil Museum, a unique facility in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Middle East and North Africa, MENA, region.
The opening of the Emirates Soil Museum is a joint initiative between ICBA and ADFD.
Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Ismahane Elouafi, Director General of ICBA, said, “We at ICBA are very proud and happy to have partnered with ADFD for this momentous
initiative. Indeed, the museum is a result of continued support by the UAE government for efforts to collect, preserve and share information about the country’s natural heritage, including soils. We are confident that the museum will serve as an excellent repository of knowledge for anyone who is interested in soil preservation and soils of the UAE.”
Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, Director General of ADFD, said, “ADFD is committed to drive sustainable socio-economic growth in the education and environment sectors within the UAE and abroad. Our newest venture with ICBA exemplifies our dedication to expand our scope of partnerships and bring awareness to agriculture and food security. Our nation’s continuity depends on research, innovation, environmental consciousness and scientific ingenuity. The museum will serve as a pioneering and informative resource and technical hub for the MENA region. Furthermore, it’s vital that our next generations are aware of these important issues and this partnership allows for an interactive platform that will serve the country well.”
Soils and the ecosystem services they provide, including food, fuel, fiber, and feed production, are critical for life on the Earth. Soils also play an important role in regulating greenhouse gas emissions. The largest store of terrestrial carbon is in the soils. So their preservation may contribute to climate change mitigation.
These services, along with the role of soils in the environment, agriculture, and food security, as well as the types of soil that are found in the UAE, will be the focus of the museum. Through both aboveground and underground exhibits, soil information, including soil and water salinity, soil acidity and alkalinity, why soils are of different colours, and the role of soil in water infiltration, will be showcased using interactive

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