EGA exports proprietary technology to Aluminium Bahrain BSC


Recognised in the international aluminium market as an important company of smelting technologies, Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) on Wednesday concluded the sale of its internal established, exclusive DX+ Ultra Smelting Technology to Aluminium Bahrain BSC (“Alba”) for the latter’s Line 6 expansion task, marked by the trademark of the associated Technology Licence Agreement.
The sale marks a major turning point for EGA and the UAE. Not just is this the very first sale of EGA’s advanced, state-of-the-art innovation; but also the first such sale outside the UAE — the mix verifying the country’s place among the world’s innovation-driven nations. “Since creation in 1979, EGA has been dedicated to continuous innovation in the aluminium smelting process so about produce the world’s highest quality aluminium items while achieving optimum operating performances,” says Abdulla Jassem bin Kalban (EGA Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer).
“Our culture of value-adding development offered both the structure and inspiration for ongoing in-house development of improved proprietary smelting technologies that provide greater production volumes, enhanced present performances and environmental advantages; and the industrial-scale setup of our technologies in EGA’s smelter operations in the UAE. We are very happy with the outcomes of our innovation advancement efforts, and incredibly delighted that the efficiency abilities of our proprietary innovations have been recognised externally — as evidenced by Alba’s option of DX+ Ultra Smelting Technology.”

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