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Dishing out delectable Iraqi cuisine

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Founded in 2003 by Azad Omar, Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant is an Iraqi fine dining restaurant operating in the city of Dubai, UAE.
Serving over 3,000 customers per week, the restaurant has become incredibly popular for its authentic Iraqi dishes and oriental setting in the restaurant, which leaves the customer with a unique experience.
“In Kabab Erbil, customers satisfaction is our top priority, throughout the years we made sure to combine great taste, ambiance, and authenticity”, said Mariwan Qaradaghi, owner of Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant.

The Market
The population of Dubai is just above 2 million, with more than 71 percent consisting of expatriates belonging to more than 200 different nationalities. Dubai is a socially diverse society, which consists of the highly affluent upper class, a large middle class, and a significant portion of unskilled lower class. In addition, Dubai was home to more than 5.8 million tourists during the first half of 2014. The presence of such a multinational and multicultural mix of consumers, has allowed us to identify the following groups as our
customers — corporate and business customers, families and tourists.
Dubai is currently showing dynamic growth in the restaurant industry and is proving to be more competitive each year. Restaurant chains in the UAE account for more than one third of total sales, which is equivalent to AED11 billion. Eating out is a favorite activity amongst most UAE residents, which also owes to the fact that residents in the GCC have generally higher disposable income. Residents in UAE spend an average of AED841 on restaurant meals per month.

Iraqi cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines dating back to the 10th century. Iraq’s history and culture are interwoven with people who were skilled in the culinary arts. The cuisine of Iraq reflects strong influences fromsurrounding areas such as Turkey, Iran and Greater Syria, hence it isenormously rich and varied.
Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant stays true to its country’s rich cuisine. The restaurant’s extensive offering in the menu allows customers to savor and experience a variety of authentic Iraqi dishes. Its appetisers include a mix of fresh salads, hommos, and crisp flatbread. The Kababs are the highlight of the restaurant, followed closely by our lamb dishes, grilled items and rice.
The lamb is tender, delicate and flavour some, which is prepared akin to home cooked meal.
Another popular dish served is the Iraqi Maskouf. It is a traditional Iraqi dish also considered as the national dish of Iraq, consisting of seasoned grilled carp. It is prepared by slicing the fish in two halves and after marinating, it is placed in a circular fire pit to be cooked. To conclude the meal, Iraqi tea with its strong aroma is a favourite amongst its
The quality of food prepared at Kabab restaurant is impeccable, starting from the raw materials to the final product. The restaurant believes in providing uncompromising quality as well as taste in the food served.

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