DIFC-registered wills protect $2.7bn realty assets in Dubai

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New figures have been released showing that DIFC registered Wills cover real estate worth more than AED 10 billion ($2.7 billion).
The DIFC Wills Service Centre statistics come as Cityscape gets underway, with its focus on encouraging visitors to invest in real estate in Dubai and other emirates.
Sean Hird, Director of the Wills Service Centre (WSC), said: “This is a remarkable figure. The Wills Service Centre has only been open since 2016, but our latest research shows that we have been able to protect a vast amount of property wealth.”
“We are very pleased that our efforts have been so successful over such a short period. Property owners with a DIFC Will can be sure that their homes and investments are safe, whatever happens in the future.”
Paul Kelly, Operations Director of the Dubai-based Allsopp & Allsopp real estate brokers, said: “It’s extraordinary that more buyers don’t take out Wills when they purchase a property.”
“Perhaps it’s something to do with the transitory nature of expat life in Dubai, but people often don’t behave here in the same way as they would in their home countries. Everyone buying a property here should have a Will – not just to protect their investment, but also their family.” The WSC figures show that more than 80% of DIFC Wills protect real estate assets. Two types cover residential property – the Full Will, protecting all assets, and the Property Will, covering up to five items of real estate.
The WSC now has a global partnership with VFS Global, allowing DIFC Wills to be registered anywhere worldwide. Sean Hird said: “Through our Virtual Registry Service, overseas visitors who buy at Cityscape can register their wills once they return home.”
DIFC Wills can also cover Ras Al Khaimah property and corresponding statistics on the value of real estate protected through Will registration in RAK are due out later this month.

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