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DHA to focus on career devp for medical staff

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The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will develop policies and procedures to foster career development for medical staff.
The Authority will focus on developing an environment, which fosters creativity and innovation, supports private-public partnership and knowledge transfer in order to build a strong talent pool of motivated and satisfied medical professionals.
The first step towards developing such programs and policies was discussed at the DHA’s brainstorming workshop that was attended by top management of the DHA. His Excellency Humaid Al Qatami, Chairman of the Board and Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority headed the workshop.
Al Qatami highlighted during his participation in the discussion sessions, the need to focus on developing human resources, particularly in the field of medicine. He highlighted that in today’s globalized world; knowledge transfer is not a challenge, in fact is a prerequisite to keep up with the changes in the medical field, which is ever evolving.
He highlighted that movement of medical expertise and competencies across the public and private sector is the way forward as it will help foster knowledge transfer and further improve health care delivery across all hospitals in the Emirate.
Al Qatami said that ideas generated during such workshops need to be followed-up and implemented so that medical professionals have clear career paths, ample learning opportunities, an innovation and supportive job environment.
Al Qatami emphasized that all these initiatives will lead to improved patient outcomes.

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