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DGHR and CIPD to develop coop in human resources

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Dubai Government Human Resources department (DGHR) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) based in London, has been signed during the 16th edition of the UAE Career Exhibition.
The MoU concerns cooperation in developing the human resources function, working together in specific areas such as research projects related to the UAE and Gulf area.
Amal bin Adi, Director-General of the DGHR, and Matthew Mee, Managing Director of the CIPD office in the Middle-East, based in Dubai Knowledge Park, have signed the MoU on behalf of the DGHR and CIPD.
The MoU will last for two years, from May 16 until May 15, 2018, it addresses exchange of expert knowledge and collaboration in events and activities which take place in the region and are related to HR.
The MoU also offers support for professionals who work in the HR field and wish to obtain CIPD membership, and prepare for qualification programmes in the field of HR which the CIPD would offer to interested people within the UAE and the region.
Amal bin Adi emphasised the importance of constant learning and development to equip employees with knowledge and skills in certain areas to improve their performance at work, which in turn would enable government departments to achieve their targets.
She said, “Training is a great investment in HR, which would benefit both employers and employees, it is a continual educational process to improve intellectual capabilities and communication skills among employees and their colleagues, leaders and the public. It is also meant to teach the ability to adapt with new managerial, technical and social changes and gain new talents which enable them to upgrade to higher positions. Their morale should always remain high and should reflect on the welfare of the employee, corporate happiness and the standard of service delivery.”
She added, “Because DGHR recognises the huge significance of training and professionalism, it initiated partnerships and collaboration with many organisations and institutes specialising in HR; this is to empower Dubai Government employees with good education and training.”
Matthew Mee said, “CIPD is incredibly excited and proud to partner with DGHR. We look forward to our collaboration which will help raise HR knowledge and capability, advance workforce management practices and ultimately build better work and working lives throughout the Emirate of Dubai.”
The DGHR Department is working on the development of government human resources by aligning HR programmes and initiatives aligned with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021. It plays a vital role in improving resources and supporting the performance of HR through the modernisation of HR practices and processes continuously, to ensure the sustainable supply of talent and high performing employees.
The DGHR will offer, in collaboration with 31 government entities, around 800 vacancies in different specialties and the professional administrative, engineering and technical fields. The job opportunities would mainly target newly graduated citizens of the UAE and would be divided amongst all government departments, taking into account the variation of academic backgrounds and expertise.

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