Dar Al Sharia lauded for financial and legal consultancy services


Dar Al Sharia, Dubai Islamic Bank’s fully owned subsidiary, has cements its position as the leading provider of Islamic finance advisory and consultancy services across multiple jurisdictions and regulations. Over the past year, the subsidiary has been recognised for its stellar performance. Being the pioneer behind the concept of Islamic banking, DIB established Dar Al Sharia in 2007 as part of its long-term vision to extend the reach of Islamic financial services.
Dar Al Sharia continued its unbeaten winning streak during 2015 whereby it received a total of five accolades from prestigious platforms, highly regarded by industry experts and peers. By offering unique and cost-effective solutions to customers, Dar Al Sharia stands as a leader not only in the UAE and the GCC, but also across the globe, representing a one-stop solution centre for the growing and evolving needs of the Islamic finance industry.
Dar Al Sharia has acquired the status of one of the most trusted institutions globally.

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