Dar Al Ber spent AED629mn in 36 yrs


Dubai / WAM

Dar Al Ber Society spent over AED 629.2 million on social service projects, benefitting 202,075 disadvantaged families from across the UAE, since its inception in 1979.
The list of beneficiaries over the last 36 years included more than 1.52 million poor, indigent and low-income people from different nationalities and ages, according to a top official.
Khalifa Khalfan Al Mazrouie, Chairman of Dar Al Ber Society, said the Dubai-based charity spares no effort to help whoever is in need over its 3.5-decade shinny progress. “The charity has spent much money on an array of projects to support social development and boost the march of thorough and sustainable development all over the country. “This definitely leads to more stability and social security in UAE in line with the teachings and values of our great religion,” he added.
Abdullah Ali bin Zayed, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society, said the charity association had carried out social service projects in the country in five major areas. On top of these was the ‘Family Care’, where Dar Al Ber had spent over AED556.7mn since 1979 benefitting 168,718 families of different nationalities. Over AED30mn was spent on ‘Iftar meal’ project during the holy month of Ramadan which had benefitted up to 1,082,334 poor and low-income people.
Under the ‘Zakat project,’ over AED17.5 mn had been given to 427,000 people. Over AED 5.5mn had been spent benefitting 33,357 poor families under the ‘Eid Clothes’ project, similarly AED19.9mn worth of ‘Adahi or sacrificial Meat’, was distributed among as many as 17,118 people.

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