Dar Al Ber spends AED133.6mn on 62,294 aid water projects

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Dar Al Ber Society has spent AED 133,668,828 on 62,294 diverse water aid and irrigation projects around the world since 2004, as was
always urged by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of
the UAE.
The leading projects, in line with the generosity and exemplary vision of the UAE’s prudent leadership, have helped provide pure drinking water for many poor people, and supplied proper
irrigation water to lots of disadvantaged areas.
Abdullah Ali bin Zayed, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, said that the society, dedicated to water aid projects, is to
actively participate in International Water Day, that falls on March 22nd each year. “Dar Al Ber Society has dug thousands of water wells and reservoirs in so many countries to ease the suffering of
needy people there, and to help them irrigate their lands and breed their animals,” he said.
The latest official records show that Dar Al Ber Society dug 56,586 water wells and reservoirs between 2004 and 2016. “The wells, which have different depths, are either electrically powered or hand-operated.”
The capacity of the water reservoirs ranges from 2,000, to 250,000 or 500,000 gallons, he explained. “The water well and reservoir projects undertaken by Dar Al Ber in the last 12 years cost AED 127,983,773.”
Abdullah Ali bin Zayed underlined that the Suqia, or Water Aid project, one of the leading schemes launched by Dar Al Ber, has helped provide pure drinking water to thousands of poor families abroad. “Up to 5,429 Suqia Water projects, worth AED 5,685,055, have been carried out worldwide so far.”
Dar Al Ber ran 6,850 water projects in Asia, Africa and Europe last year, he said. “These included 6,471 water wells and reservoirs, and 379 drinking water aid projects, costing AED 23,449,322.” Dar Al Ber also carried out 14,701 Water Aid projects in the last four years across the UAE.

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