Corum: Showcasing aesthetic appeal with technical excellence

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Montres Corum is a Swiss watchmaker based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, was founded in 1955, it makes high-quality and high-price watches. Following the luxury brands popularity around the globe, Corum collaborated with Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons and Al-Fardan Jewellery to enter UAE market.
With more than 15 years’ experience in this field, first with Bvlgari then with Chopard,Davide Traxler, gathered knowledge in various domains of the luxury world, from retail to distribution and roles such as Managing Director of Chopard Italy, then Chopard USA to worldwide Licenses Director, Davide Traxler is known for his management ethic.
Davide Traxler is the CEO of Corum, told Emirates Business, “The market has now matured in terms of watch sizes and is maturing in the sizes of the egos of the players. Today the market is looking for something lovely as well as possibly unconventional and a bit debonair,” he said. “Our belief is that we should put some fun into our products in addition to superior knowhow and technology. That is the theme around our Bubble Collection, which truly represents a Corum watch that is in cooperation with artists from all around the world.”
The luxury watch has been acknowledged both for the aesthetic appeal of its models and for its technical excellence, Corum is proud to contribute to perpetuating the time-honored values and expertise of Fine Watchmaking.
Since 1955, Corum has adopted creativity and boldness as its guiding principles. It is pursuing the path traced by the founders, more loyal than ever to the iconic collections, while enriching them with a powerful modern touch bearing the hallmark of innovation and technical breakthroughs. The continuity and the longevity of its collections are not mere words at Corum, the Admiral’s Cup has been sailing the oceans for 50 years, while the Bridges collection has been making its mark on watchmaking history for over 30 years.
The brand’s flagship complication model, the Golden Bridge was introduced in 1980 and remains a benchmark with its unique linear baguette movement.
Moreover, it is also regarded as an avant-garde watch thanks to its movement placed in the centre of a transparent sapphire crystal case. Its high-end finishes make it nowadays an unmatched haute horlogerie timepiece for more than 35 years.
The Heritage collection embodies a blend of watch-making creativity and outstanding expertise. Each model fully incorporates the history of corum, through designs that show the creative richness of the brand. The Heritage pillar is the timeless expression of the timepieces of the brand.

Watch Care
A Corum timepiece is an investment for which each owner should treasure. A watch is a high-precision instrument manufactured with hundreds of parts. Although Corum movements are assembled with the utmost care, their accuracy can be affected by the influence of gravity, magnetic fields, shocks and most probably by ageing oils. Also the water resistance may be impaired by the ageing of gaskets or by an accidental shock.
The precision of a mechanical movement depends on several factors, but essentially on the balance-spring/ balance/escapement driv train, known as the regulating organs.
A complete overhaul of the watch is recommended every 3 to 5years depending on the conditions in which it is used. Water resistance should be annually checked by a Corum official dealer or an authorized service centre.
“We expect the Middle East market to reach over 15 % of our total worldwide sales in 2016. But this does not include sales made to Middle Eastern clients in Paris, London or elsewhere. The Middle East market is a connoisseur-driven market that greatly influences the entire horological world,”
Trexler added.
Your Corum timepiece has undergone rigorous quality control in compliance with the highest standards of the Swiss watchmaking industry. The warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase and covers any manufacturing defect, under the condition that your Corum timepiece has been purchased through an authorized Corum dealer.

It excludes wear and tear, damage caused by accident or careless handling accordingly to the Corum warranty terms.
For any warranty claim, the watch must be presented with the warranty card, duly completed with the date, the stamp and signature of an authorized Corum dealer.
Your watch maintenance and repairs should be carried out by an official Corum service centre on a regular basis.

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