Can You ‘Live Your Best Life’ and Still Save? Gen Z Leading the Generations in Savvy Saving


Whatever your age, saving money often feels like missing out on those life affirming experiences that keep us happy, fed, well and energised. If you’ve grown up in different eras, it’s fair to say that whilst each generation may handle money in different ways, everyone looks to save cash where they can — it’s just a different choice as to how.
Generationally, each age group handles money in a different way. We’ve all  grown up in different eras, and  place value on different things. Some people are busy saving for retirement while some are squirreling away their dirhams in order to see the world one day.

Looking for a ‘soft’ life?
Hustle culture has been abandoned in favour of saving in the present! Gen Z go for ‘soft saving’ — the financial version of the ‘soft living’ trend. Soft saving means using more money  for the present. The ‘soft life’ trend is a lifestyle that embraces comfort and low stress, prioritising personal growth and wellness and engaging with brands and businesses they resonate with authentically, perfect for those who want to save money now, and spend it on the things that bring you joy.

Can you live your best life and still save?
It’s all about the balance. The recent report by Intuit shows that three in four Gen Z would rather have a better quality of life than extra money in their banks. But what if there was a way to enjoy all the good stuff and look forward to a monthly pay day too?

Say hello to mimojo
Generation Z, a group of savvy-savers and digital bankers may be able to teach us a thing or two about living well. Like older generations, Gen Z still enjoys treating themselves and living life to the full, but they are more likely to seek discounts  to do so, and if you are going to use a discount, you’d better make it easy to redeem!
mimojo is the UAE’s most seamless and totally automated cashback platform that delivers savings and brand discovery to consumers and redefines redemptions for merchants and outlets via the most easy to use technologically advanced app available on the market.
The first-of-its kind digital platform is brought to you by a team with over a decade of experience in the UAE’s discount leisure redemption industry — mimojo offers a seamless experience for earning cashback on local merchants from your favourite fast-food joints to fine-dining restaurants, attractions, retail and spa and salon services — consumer discounts and cashback have never been easier to access & redeem.

Soft life living made easy
It’s time to  ditch outdated coupons, or grapple with complicated redemption steps to grab your discount. With mimojo’s advanced technology, you no longer need to pre-inform the retailer on utilising your exclusive mimojo offer, instead just directly pay via your debit or credit card which is also enrolled in mimojo.
With never-seen-before tech-enabled ease, your VISA card payment is enough to link your mimojo app with the discount or offer and credit your account with the cashback.  Your cumulated cashback will be sent back as real cash to your registered VISA card on mimojo pay day.
With upto 35% cashback at your favourite brands, mimojo’s present list of partners include food and beverage at Jones The Grocer, Zofeur, Illy Cafe, Coffee Planet, EETEN, Chowking, Cafe Rider, Papa John’s, Vapiano, Hero Donuts, Denny’s, Qwerty and Sweet Factory. Activity based outlets include Velocity, KIZA, Habtoor Polo Resort, Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Theatre of Digital Arts (TODA) and Jumpboxx. Hotels include  Park Hyatt and Radisson Red, to name a few.
Currently available in the UAE for all VISA credit and debit card holders, mimojo is free for the first two months, followed by a monthly subscription of AED10 a month.

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