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BMW to connect artists and collectors

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Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

BMW Group is all set to expand their support to the contemporary art and culture in the Middle East with the launch of BMW Contemporary, an exclusive enterprise that would aims to strengthen intercultural dialogues and spark curiosity and imagination among the artists and the admirers.
The new initiative, BMW Contemporary, will give a chance to the various artist and art collectors to unite, where they could share their innovative ideas and hold discussions about their customised collection with the public. This would help them bring to life their unique stories in a series of online episodes that would be presented across the region‘s BMW Group Middle East’s social media all through the year.
Christina Heidlberger, BMW Brand Management, Marketing Services and Event Manager for BMW Group Middle East, highlighted the group’s committemnet towards promotions of
cultures and artists.
“This initiative taken up by the BMW Group has been involved in assisting various arts and cultural platforms for over 40 years. In the Middle East, we are promoting and nurturing this association and actively seek opportunities to foster and support regional talent. We believe that BMW Contemporary does just that,” said Heidlberger.
“This initiative would be a great example of the fact that talent has no boundaries. We at BMW are just hoping each episode of the series would be able to enlighten the hidden talent of the region, and somewhere be able to inspire many,” added Heidlberger.
BMW belives that unobstructed path of freedom is of prime importance whether it is in the world of art or in the corporate world.
“As a car company, we see many synergies with the Art & Culture world. We both strive for innovation, and creativity in many respects be it design or how we engage with our audiences,” continued Heidlberger.

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