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Blend Polymer : Treading the success path

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With 1, 55,000 sq. feet of land in Safe Zone Sharjah in place, Blend Polymer, one of the leading polymer industries in the Emirates, equipped with the state-of-the-art facility. It aims to manufacture only the finest products.
Established in 1990 by Aziz Group & Skyline, Blend Group has been involved in diversified business lines. The group is now expanding its operation into manufacturing and trading industrial chemicals.
Blend Polymer’s currently produces about 1000 tonnes of chemicals per month and with the new expansion in place, the production is expected to reach more than 2500 tonnes per month. The company also plans to venture into Ink Production and Trading Division, focusing on chemicals and polymer products.
With so many projects underway, Emirates Business gets into conversation with Qamar Aziz, Managing Director, Blend Polymer, to know more about the firm and the industry.

Excerpts from the Interview

How has the journey been so far since you ventured into the polymer business?
I have been in Polymer Business since early 90’s after completing my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. The journey over the years has been both educative and hard work because of the ever-changing innovations, competition and demand. There have been fluctuations in the prices which add to additional international insight.

What is the growth rate of manufacturing industry in UAE?
The growth rate of manufacturing industry in UAE is around 10-14 percent. The investments in the UAE industrial sector to double over the next five years. But the concerns over low oil prices have dampened this growth.

What are the new technologies that you have introduced at Blend Polymer which
are not common in the
Blend Polymer Industries has been a pioneer in various products by compounding various materials in the right proportions. Products like coloured compounds, one pack filler compounds additives, which give the lustre and sheen at a cost of 50 percent less than the existing available materials.

Can you please elaborate on the latest state-of-the-art technologies used in the
polymer industry in UAE?
Plastic is an essential part of modern life. They increase living standards, environmental awareness, and new developments. It is driving demand for new and innovative technologies. The new technologies involved increase production savings of energy and materials improved precision of compounds in the final product.

How in your opinion, will Blend Polymer be contributing to the economy?
With the ever growing new products at a much lesser cost it will help the country to export their goods; and also its utilisation within the UAE. A product named Blend Bright was introduced in the market only a few months back. It has resulted in the export of this item to tune of 100 tons/month as also with other products. The net export has gone up by almost 200 percent, adding value to UAE finances.

What potential do you see for Blend Polymer in 2016 considering that the economy is going through a slowdown?

As mentioned earlier, Blend Polymer Industries has diversified in value added products and despite the present slowdown we have been able to sustain if not increase our production capacity.

Do you have any other projects in the pipeline? How do you plan to tap the emerging markets in GCC and Africa?

Blend Polymer Industries is consuming approximately 1000 tons of CaCo3 per month and likely to double in 2016. After we move to our SAIF ZONE facility, we will require large quantities of CaCo3 (Raw Material). Besides other options of new projects we intend to go into CaCo3 (our basic Raw Materials) production with the state of the art machines including CaCo3 coating. It is pertinent to mention that there is no CaCo3 coating plant as yet in the UAE. The coated CaCo3 is used in various other industries like paint, pvc, paper etc. We have also set up a liasion office in Nigeria with the support of Skyline Group, Group Partner, and hope to develop the African market with this base.

What is one advantage that you think you have by working in a Polymers industry?
The Polymer Production is undertaken mostly by the state govts and at the highest level both administratively as well as technically. One gets the chance for interaction with such professionals to learn in such

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