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Australian PM warns China to learn from Putin’s mistakes: AFR


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has warned the Chinese government to learn the lessons of Russia’s “strategic failure” in Ukraine, as he heads to Europe for a meeting of Nato leaders.
In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, conducted en route to Spain for the Nato meeting, Albanese said the Ukraine invasion had brought democratic nations together, “whether they be members of Nato, or non-members such as Australia.”
When asked what message the Chinese government should take from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, particularly for its ambitions towards Taiwan, Albanese said the war “had shown attempts to impose change by force on a sovereign country meet resistance.”
The Chinese government under President Xi Jinping has been clear in its ambitions to unite China with the democratic island of Taiwan in coming decades. Beijing has long considered Taiwan to be a renegade province, despite the two being separately governed for more than 70 years. In recent years, China has ramped up its military exercises and drills in the air and sea around Taiwan in what the US and its allies have said is a pattern of growing aggression.
The government in Taipei asserts the island is a de facto independent country awaiting wider international recognition.

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