Art of Living Mall Hosts Exclusive Sohour Night for Design Visionaries


In the midst of the Ramadan season, Art of Living Mall brought the creative visionaries within the community together, for an exclusive Sohour Night event. The special gathering was an evening of mutual inspiration, connection, and networking.
The Sohour Night saw a celebration of the innovative spirit and boundless imagination that defines our design community. It was a chance for the masterminds behind the magic to come together, share stories, and ignite new ideas in an atmosphere charged with creativity and camaraderie during this season of togetherness.
Attendees were enthralled by a complete experience for all the senses – with delectable festive delights, soulful melodies, and captivating cultural performances. Every detail of the evening, from the choice of traditional cuisine to the rhythm of live performances, had been carefully selected to create an atmosphere that inspires new ideas and collaboration.
While bringing the creative community together, the event aimed to cultivate opportunities for collaboration and innovation. It presented an opportunity for design luminaries to exchange insights, explore synergies, and pave the way for transformative partnerships that push the boundaries of creativity.
“We are delighted to have been the host to our esteemed creative visionaries,” said Basel Ali, marketing manager at Art of Living Mall. “This Sohour Night is our tribute to the bold thinkers and dreamers who shape the future of design. We hope it inspires the community to come together and celebrate the magic that happens when creativity knows no bounds.”
The Sohour Night epitomized Art of Living Mall’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering connections, and celebrating the power of creativity. With this, the mall reaffirmed its place in bringing together the design innovators of the UAE’s creative community.

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