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RITIKA SHARMA/ Emirates Business

Chosen by Fluke originated with the purpose of advocating the arts in relation to precision and detail. The brand focuses on fashion and homeware accessories. The brand claims to have created a ‘special piece for every customer’. The brand items use exorbitant materials to make products long lasting and lavishly elegant. The brand appreciates art from every era and finds a way to input its elements into every piece.
“With Chosen by Fluke, we wanted our customers to know that the words beauty and spontaneous go hand in hand. During the first stage of creating an art piece, the human mind might have a certain image of what the end product is going to look like. Many of the times, it ends up looking different than what the artist thought it was going to look like,” says Ilham Mahmood Rabi, the creator of the brand.
After having worked on sections of the piece, a form or shape will start to appear, and the artist will like what he or she is looking at. Keeping that process in mind, a beautiful piece was created spontaneously.
“Our message to art lovers is that with this brand, we care as much about the final product that we want our customers to like and own, but we also want our customers to know that this brand is about advocating the arts as much as it is about creating it. The importance to accuracy, detail, combining old with the new and giving our customers what they want is the motto of chosen by fluke,” she added.

Know the owner
Ilham Mahmood Rabi has spoken, lived and promoted art and fashion from as far back as she can remember. Being an apprentice to her mother’s impeccable taste, that she grew up seeing, she found an interest in pursuing it as a career once she had completed high school.
Graduating with bachelors of fine arts degree in interior designing, Ilham gained work experience in a design firm for three years before she decided to work as a freelancer. She has a background in residential and offices, after a few years of gaining respect within her fellow designers and peers, Ilham decided to take a little
detour to figure out what other ways she can unveil her design talents in.
She started putting up her design tactics on cakes. Her work was applauded & little by little, year after year people started knowing her as a cake designer as well. With her latest project, she has decided to let the artistically loved world that we live in today know that what a girl or a women of today love so much are products that start with one very important word, which is art.
“Chosen by Fluke is a brand where we want our customers to know that beauty can be created manually, can be respected highly and should be promoted consistently. We all love our favourite high end designers, but the public need to know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is in details,” she adds.
With this brand, Ilham wants to give people exclusive, one a kind,
luxurious items that have been made with expensive material and
designed for elegance.

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