App to make parking inspectors smarter




The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the introduction of a new app for smart phones to facilitate the job of parking inspectors, and ease the processing of parking permits in the Emirate of Dubai. The step is part of RTA’s relentless efforts to equip inspectors with top-notch devices, and ensure the speedy processing of parking permits as well.
“Following the introduction of the app, which guides inspectors to vehicles in breach of the rule governing public parking in Dubai, a new feature has been added to the app. This feature is to enable the speedy processing of applications for issuing or renewing permits related to booking parking slots, occupying pavements, investing private land plots as parking areas as well as private parking permits for citizens,” said CEO of RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, Maitha bin Adai.
“The new app will enhance the efficiency of parking inspectors, ease field jobs in terms of expediting making the right decisions in endorsing parking permits, or issuing offence tickets to incompliant retail outlets. The step serves the strategic goals of the RTA towards fulfilling the requirements of the smart government of Dubai and realising people’s happiness, especially as the parking permits system serves a wide spectrum of the local community,” added bin Adai.

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