Al Mansoori announces over AED 18mn upgrade to services

Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

Middle East’s leading oilfield services provider, AlMansoori Specialised Engineering announced over AED18 million upgrade to its Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) services, the company along with its affiliated companies; Reform Energy Services, Air Drilling Associates and Kelda Drilling Controls, worked intensively to introduce the ‘next generation automated MPD Package’, which was demonstrated at a special event held at the AlMansoori Production Services facility in Abu Dhabi.
Nabil Alalawi, CEO of AlMansoori Specialised Engineering, told Emirates Business, “As drilling environments become more complex and hazardous, with increasingly complex extraction methods needed for wells to bear fruit, E&P operators are encountering issues that drive up costs, non-productive time, and risks. In order to avoid the risks and delays that are caused by
increases and decreases of pressure, drilling wells are turning to Managed Pressure Drilling to overcome these hurdles.”
The new model-based control system, which is being made available in the region for the first time by AlMansoori and its affiliates, features unique capabilities that can control gas surges and two-phase flows in an automated pressure control mode. The system is designed to automatically maintain the annulus surface back pressure during drilling operations and maintain the downhole drilling window.
“Drilling wells in complex environments with century-old technology is difficult at best and unsafe at worst. From drilling through narrow pore-pressure/fracture-pressure gradient windows to mitigating kicks and differential sticking, managed pressure drilling succeeds when conventional techniques are likely to fail,” he added.
“The upgraded Managed Pressure Drilling package allows operators to maintain optimum production levels without needing to adjust for changing pressure levels, sudden surges and lulls. The MPD package also enables drilling to continue at levels not reached before thanks to the failsafe systems that not only saves production time, cuts downtime but also safeguards the health and safety of the crew,” said Nabil Alalawi.
Managed pressure drilling packages enable oil production and drilling platforms to effectively mitigate drilling hazards, such as differential sticking, fluid loss, kicks, lost circulation and nuisance gas zones.
The company recently deployed the first of two planned modern production testing and stimulation vessels in the Arabian Gulf as a major new service.

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