Adafsa to install Zadna Rating labels on 6,900 food establishments


The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (Adafsa) has embarked on a significant initiative to install “Zadna Rating” stickers on the exteriors of 6,900 food establishments across the emirate of Abu Dhabi. These stickers enable the public to conveniently access the assessment of food safety levels in establishments by scanning the QR code printed on the label.
The primary objective is to establish high-quality standards and enhance the well-being of residents while positioning Abu Dhabi as a distinguished tourist destination.
The installation of “Zadna Rating” labels will cover 6900 food establishments, including restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and catering establishments. The entire process is expected to be completed by the end of August this year.
The “Zadna Rating” initiative has been launched as an electronic platform, providing all Abu Dhabi residents, tourists, and visitors with the ability to review the compliance assessment of food establishments. It aims to improve their dining experience at restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in the emirate. Access to the platform can be obtained by directly visiting the electronic application, downloading the dedicated app, or observing the evaluation stickers displayed on the front of food establishments.
“Zadna Rating” empowers the public to view evaluations of food establishments based on their level of food safety compliance. Additionally, it provides a separate assessment of the establishment’s participation in the Sehhi programme of the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre. These measures aim to enhance the efforts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to provide safe and healthy food to the public and to encourage and motivate food establishments to improve and develop their performance and raise the level of food safety in the emirate.
The introduction of “Zadna Rating” enhances consumer confidence in the Authority’s control procedures, fosters transparency in presenting inspection results, and inspires food establishments to strive for excellence. These positive developments contribute to creating a more flexible and innovative environment for economic activities.
The ‘Zadna Rating’ for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and catering companies consists of two separate assessments that were merged to become one comprehensive rating of the food establishment, offering a comprehensive assessment of each establishment. The first evaluation examines the level of food safety according to the results of routine visits scheduled as part of the annual inspection plan implemented by Adafsa, as well as the level of compliance with food safety requirements and regulations in Abu Dhabi.
Adafsa has defined compliance levels for establishments, ranging from “excellent” and “very good” to “good” and “needs improvement.” The assessment criteria for food establishments encompass various aspects, such as design and structure, equipment and waste disposal facilities, hygiene of food handlers, food handling and temperature control areas, as well as food safety management systems, documents, and records.

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