Abu Dhabi Municipality braces for rain bounty

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The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has completed its Rain Emergency Response Plan preparations for this year’s rainy season in order to avoid any ponds or blockage of the rainwater drainage network. At the same time, the ADM is responding to public requests during the rainy season and addressing emergency conditions in a specific, systematic and clear process.
The step is part of the municipal system’s commitment to cement the components of the infrastructure of Abu Dhabi and develop clear plans for coping with any developments resulting from the rainfall. The plan also aims to protect the infrastructure, facilities and buildings from the risks of water, and nurture a healthy and sound environment. The ADM is fully ready for the rainy season and has specialist human resources capable of handling the situation.
Musabbah Mubarak Al Murar, Acting General Manager of ADM, led the ADM’s emergency operations room overnight. About 435 reports were received and the emergency teams rushed to the locations with their tankers and pumps for clearing floods. About 200 water tankers and 100 pumps were used in Abu Dhabi and suburban areas.
The ADM has established 6 points for clearing rainwater in Abu Dhabi and seven points outside the metropolitan area in order to offer better services to community members. Each point has a tanker and several heavy duty pumps to pump away the rainwater received by Abu Dhabi last night.
The ADM’s emergency teams made fast responses to community members’ requests and are ready to face any eventuality.
For direct communication with the public, the ADM has transmitted awareness messages via social media and provided residents with emergency phone numbers, and stated its readiness to reach out to any location needed in order to avoid fallout of the heavy rains that lashed Abu Dhabi.
The emergency number 993 was allocated to receive complaints and reports around the clock during the rainy season, and the ADM emergency room will receive all complaints and process rain-related reports under a systematic plan. The consultant and project manager will be communicated in order to identify the responsible teams and coordinate the response and give instructions to teams at site. A verbal report will be received at site about the accomplishment of the mission, signing off the report, submitting reports received and updating details along with site images for documentation.
The ADM is carrying out rainwater emergency plans in full cooperation with the Emergency and Crisis Department, the competent authority for coping with other sectors in case of emergencies.
The ADM calls on all community members to take every precaution from the vagaries of the weather and to remain at home till the inclement weather conditions are cleared safely.

Dubai Airports not affected

Aircraft traffic through Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central Airport has not been significantly affected by rains and bad weather conditions nationwide.
According to a statement issued by Dubai Airports, up until12 o’clock, Dubai World Central Airport had received two planes which had been diverted from another UAE airport.
It noted that the heavy rains only caused a limited delay in the takeoff of some flights, adding that all competent authorities and aviation companies are taking the necessary measures to reduce passenger discomfort.

Flights suspended, Abu Dhabi Air Expo cancelled

Due to severe weather conditions across the UAE, the Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2016 has been cancelled for the rest of the day. Organisers said that an update on tomorrow’s schedule will be issued later.
Flights at Abu Dhabi International Airport were also suspended until further notice, Abu Dhabi Airports Company said in a statement. The operator of the capital’s airport said the move was made for the safety of passengers and in line with civil aviation regulations.

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