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Abu Dhabi, Dubai Chambers to approve certificates of origin

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The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, have signed an agreement to approve certificates of origin issued by the Abu Dhabi Chamber allowing them to bear the World Chambers Federation (WCF) international label and to be delivered in accordance with the rules and standards laid down in the WCF International Certificates of Origin Protocol.
Helal Mohammed Al-Hameli, Deputy Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, signed the agreement on behalf of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, and Atiq Jumaa Nasib, Senior Vice President of Commercial Services in the Dubai Chamber, signed on behalf of his organisation.
Al Hameli said that signing this agreement comes within the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Chamber to issue certificates of origin electronically and to give them an international character in order to be accepted internationally and acknowledged by all the chambers of commerce represented by the International Chamber of Commerce.
Al Hameli added that issuing electronic certificates of origin which are approved internationally also comes within its awareness to provide the best services for investors, businessmen, companies and individuals in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. “It also comes to execute the strategy of the Abu Dhabi Chamber in providing innovative services on the highest levels,” he said, adding that the internationally approved electronic certificates of origin is a leap forward and will be a model for advanced services that the chamber will provide in the near future.
The Deputy Director-General noted that the services which the chamber provides for its members include finalising the procedures of commercial licenses electronically, answering the enquiries of its members, organising seminars and workshops, updating their profiles and adding commercial activities as well as following up expired memberships.
Nasib said that the agreement reflects the active cooperation and partnership between the Abu Dhabi Chamber and Dubai Chamber, pointing out that adopting international standards in issuing certificates of origin enhances the position of the business community in the country and its international fame in this regard.

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