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Our Correspondent / EMIRATES BUSINESS

In 1985, Louis-Paul Guitay had a life-changing experience — a devastating injury that forced him to endure cervical spine rehabilitation. During his excruciating, prolonged physical rehabilitation sessions, Guitay began to fantasise about helping the therapist by mechanising his protocols for greater consistency. Little did he know — he was mere steps away from the answer. In his hometown of Valence, France, Guitay designed the first working prototype of the Cellu M6. Almost immediately, the effectiveness of the process was amazing.
24 years of evolution and research unite the primitive, yet efficient Cellu M6 of 1986 with the state-of-the-art devices of today. With its ever increasing scientific and medical reputation, LPG Systems has rapidly grown from two employees in France to hundreds around the world.
Guitay invented a method to help rehabilitate damaged muscle tissue and standardise physical therapy by providing precisely calibrated and consistent massage treatments. Over the time, patients noticed an interesting side effect— an improvement in the dimpled appearance of the skin.
Endermologie from LPG is the world’s first patented technology to assist in the reduction of cellulite and free localised fat that is trapped below the skin. It is now internationally established with over 20,000 Endermologie centers around the world. In the US, Endermologie has received the only FDA clearance to be marketed as a cellulite treatment.
Ludovic Loffreda, CEO of LPG told Emirates Business, “The non-surgical procedure is becoming popular for both men and women around the world. That is why we constantly communicate our non-invasive and all-natural treatment, which is safe and effective for all.”

LPG’s flagship reputation for body sculpting and facial anti-aging is well-renowned.
With the Cellu M6 you have the benefits of both scientifically proven cell regeneration techniques, only now with one machine.
The secret lies in the action on the core of the cells to reactivate their natural processes which over time tend to slow down. With the LPG roller you can stimulate the core of the adipocytes, literally triggering lipolysis (fat breakdown), and smooth away cellulite and resculpt the body’s contours. In addition, you activate collagen and elastin production.
The LPG lift acts on the delicate tissues of the face, neck and decolette to stimulate fibroblasts’ collagen and elastin production.
After treatments, the face appears noticeably younger and more relaxed as wrinkles diminish and facial contours are restored.

Constantly subjected to ever multiplying aggressors (sedentary lifestyles, accidents, diseases, surgeries and againg) the human body needs extra help to regenerate. The LPG roll and lift stimulation revitalises healthy fluid exchanges, reactivating circulation while restoring tissues’ mechanical abilities. Enabling the treatment and symptom alleviation of a wide variety of health issues, ranging from Arteritis to Venopathy.

Weather a seasoned professional or merely an amateur, all athletes desire to improve their performance. This means precision of movement, flexibility and tissue robustness. The LPG technique conditions the body, aids with recuperation and recovery after vigorous exertion and repairs the damaged tissues.
Additionally, the LPG roller elliminates the metabolic wastes (toxins) caused by intense effort to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Softening muscle tissues, the rollers increase fluidity and precisions of movement. The body is rested, relaxed and strengthened, ready for new muscular challenges.

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