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UAE proposes new aviation guidelines for safer flight



The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has proposed a single set of units of measurement for all air and ground operations to make flying safer. These measurements would prevent pilots and crew members from incorrectly converting values relating to distance, height and speed especially under strenuous circumstances such as adverse weather, unfamiliar airports, and emergency situations.
The recommendation was placed before the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) 39th Triennial Assembly in Montreal, Canada. The ICAO has previously adopted the International System of Units (SI) as the standard units of measurement for all aspects of international civil aviation and ground operations, however, ICAO guidelines still permit the use of other units of measurement, effectively giving member states the option to use non-SI units.
“With the advent of digital avionics systems that allow for the customisation of their displays, we believe it is time for the international civil aviation community to consider the implementation of a singular system of units of measurement to be used in air and ground operations,” said Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the UAE GCAA.
“We have brought this proposal before the assembly because we believe in international co-operation and are constantly striving to build bridges of collaboration with the international community and civil aviation. The adoption of a singular system of units of measurement would not only simplify a number of processes but provide standardisation to what is currently a confusing mix of standard and non-standard units,” Al Suwaidi added.
The proposal forwarded by the UAE and the GCAA was welcomed by the ICAO Assembly, which gathers 191 member states and numerous affiliated international organisations. The body then determines global policies for the next three years over the course of a range of sessions and rounds of voting.

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