Turning the town ‘RED’

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A refreshing concept launched in 2006, REDTAG is part of the holding company BMA International and currently has over 170 stores across the GCC with a projected annual growth rate of more than 20 percent. REDTAG offers a pleasant shopping experience for value-conscious customers with great variety, stringent product quality and availability.
REDTAG, the value fashion and home lifestyle brand has successfully completed the first phase of its new collaboration with Arab artist Cyrine Abdel Nour.
Following almost a decade of unprecedented growth across the region, REDTAG has evolved to become a major player in the affordable fashion retail arena with over 170 stores in 50 cities across the MENA and CIS. This exclusive collaboration was a first for REDTAG and signalled a strategic new brand direction for the home-grown MENA and CIS business.
As the new face and exclusive partner of the REDTAG brand, Nour worked closely with the REDTAG team to create a unique collection inspired by her favourite looks and global fashion trends. Cyrine also featured in a high-impact marketing campaign across MENA and CIS, including billboards, fashion shows and social media, TV, and cinemas.
Speaking about the successful partnership and its impact on the business, David Pidgeon, Chief Operating Officer of REDTAG, said, “This collaboration was a first for REDTAG and a significant milestone in our brand’s strategic vision as we extend our fashion footprint across the MENA region. This project was a big step forward for our business and we worked carefully to select the right partner.”
“We are extremely pleased with the results so far, with a 15 percent increase in our footfall since the launch of the collaboration, and believe that we made the right move. Nour is not only an icon of the Arab music world with a remarkable talent; she also has an inspirational style and sophistication,” added Pidgeon.

REDTAG's David Pidgeon introducing the show

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