SHS showcases country’s medical expertise


Swiss Healthcare Services (SHS), the medical arm of the Swiss Discovery group that provides clients with customized solutions from Switzerland, showcased the country’s medical expertise in treating and rehabilitating people with injuries and disabilities at ‘AccessAbilities Expo 2016’.
Swiss Healthcare Services showcased its carefully chosen network of Swiss specialist care providers that together cover a comprehensive range of specializations and rehabilitation options for patients with special needs.
• SHS acts as an intermediary and consultant for clients wanting to avail Switzerland’s medical expertise and enables a global clientele take better advantage of Switzerland’s superb medical facilities and exceptional levels of patient care.
• The presence of SHS at AccessAbilities Expo 2016 serves two purposes.
First, to bring a message of hope, and show that even serious injuries and disabilities can be successfully treated.
Second, to showcase Switzerland’s unique medical expertise, as well as our ability to tailor bespoke medical services for our valued clients
• Swiss Healthcare Services’ AccessAbilities 2016 showcase was bolstered by the presence of a living, breathing celebrity case study. Famous Kuwaiti athlete and Guinness World Record Holder, Osama Kamshad spoke about his journey from professional skydiver to patient, and the road to recovery.
• Neuro-prostheses were among the latest medical techniques highlighted by SHS at AccessAbilities 2016.

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