S Africa’s court slams Zuma over renovations dispute

South Africa / AFP

South Africa’s top court on Thursday delivered a damning verdict against President Jacob Zuma, saying he flouted the constitution over public funds used to upgrade his private residence, sparking immediate calls for him to be impeached.
Zuma “failed to uphold, defend and respect the constitution as the supreme law of the land,” Chief Justice MogoengMogoeng said in a strongly-worded ruling from the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg. The court judgement came as Zuma fights back against separate allegations that a wealthy Indian family influenced ministerial appointments in a scandal that has rocked his government.
Zuma has also been battered by the country’s sharply declining economy.
But he retains a strong grip on parliament through his dominant leadership of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party, and any impeachment bid looked unlikely to succeed.

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