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As the media partner for the Government of Dubai, Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) is responsible for disseminating important news and information about the Emirate to the widest possible audiences by means of high quality broadcast, print and electronic media.
Established to provide the very best entertainment, education and news offerings and to promote Dubai on the world-stage, DMI is committed to pursuing the Emirate’s strategic objectives as outlined in the Dubai 2021 plan, launched by His Highness Sheikh
Mohammed bin Rashid Al
Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai – may God protect him. DMI fulfills its multi-faceted remit by connecting with its audiences across the region through a variety of platforms that include English and Arabic language television and radio stations, press and publications, digital channels, and printing and distribution companies.
Mariam Al Afridi, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at DMI, told
Emirates Business, “As the official media organization of the Government of Dubai, DMI has always had a proactive vision and strategy for achieving its goals. Throughout the years we have achieved a widespread reputation as the largest integrated, innovative and sustainable multi-platform media organization in the UAE. Our three main sectors are the Dubai Channels Network (DCN), the Press Sector and the Printing and Publishing Sector, through which we promote the modern image of the Emirate of Dubai.”
During a relatively short space of time, DMI has evolved into the largest integrated media group in the United Arab Emirates. It is proud of its many achievements that have seen it become established as a leading media institution in the Gulf region and the Arab world. DMI’s success has been a result of its tireless efforts to strengthen its position regionally based on a clear strategy and an integrated vision to highlight the positive image of the United Arab Emirates, celebrate its richness and diversity and honour its dynamic, modern and progressive spirit.
“In addition, we take pride in using our diverse range of media platforms to delight and entertain viewers from all walks of life with premium media content that is designed to suit a variety of lifestyles and preferences. In line with our objective to highlight the achievements of the Emirate, we abide by our core values of accuracy and objectivity, transparency and credibility, innovation and creativity, cooperation and engagement, respect for the public, competitiveness and responsibility,” she added.
Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) prides itself in being an optimal environment for the country’s media talents and abilities, following the directions of Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2013, and the Dubai Plan 2021, namely in the Emiratisation of the UAE’s media personnel, particularly the first and second row leaders. DMI has been able to a complish concrete accomplishments in this regard and in a relatively short period of time.
DMI works according to its firm belief that the Emiratisation of the UAE’s media personnel is intricately linked to the candidate’s ability to fill the post in question, compete with other candidates for the post while also having the talent to faithfully render Emirati social issues.
DMI is committed to hiring a set number of locals regularly over the years through which it aspires to raise the standards in the media world, thus reaching even better grounds, in looks and in content.
This is to be achieved by offering local Emiratis the chance to occupy posts that allow them access to the media sector of the Emirate. This step is a way of performing the awaited positive change, which answers to the requirements of this day and age, and the fast changes that the Emirates and the neighboring area are
DMI is fully aware that the training provided to the journalism graduates is far from being comprehensive and that there exists a large gap between the abilities with which they are armed and the abilities required in the actual field of journalism.
For this reason, DMI offers the chance for students with different media-related backgrounds and from different universities and institutions both locally and abroad, the opportunity to take part in innovative Emirati media productions, thus fulfilling the corporation’s slogan: ‘towards modern Emirati media.’
DMI welcomes an increasing number of media graduates every year, individuals seeking the chance to receive real training in a serious work environment to be able to acquire the necessary abilities and search for the work opportunity that best suits them, all the while.
Oftentimes, DMI finds in these graduates the ideal qualities to fill vacant posts under its vast umbrella, or to endorse the Emiratisation program which aims to attract the best of the nation’s abilities and carry out various affairs of the Emirati media sector. They are given the chance to get to know the corporation’s fields of work, its sectors, its stations and its publications which allows them to widen their horizons with regards to employment possibilities.
DMI follows this path in order to endorse the talented youth and believes in the wise leadership, which gave this section of society the task of empowering society by taking up their part of the responsibility of constructing and rising up the Emirates.
DMI is an essential part of the fabric of the UAE community and exists to promote the country’s national identity.
As the media partner for the Dubai government, DMI promulgates vital information about the rulers’ current undertakings and their plans for the future. As a media organisation that offers a comprehensive array of multi-media platforms to represent the wise policies of the Dubai and UAE governments, DMI places a priority on relaying the visions and ambitions for the future, with the aim of reaching a wide an audience as possible. DMI is proud of the support it enjoys from the Government of Dubai, which has entrusted it with the responsibility of communicating its messages strongly, accurately and
DMI’s corporate and social values are rooted in all its activities. It believes that information services for people in the region should be of the highest quality and meaningful to all categories and segments of society.
Thanks to continuous development and an expansion in the scope of its services, DMI has succeeded in garnering a huge number of prestigious awards; locally, regionally and globally.

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