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Organically beautiful !

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RITIKA SHARMA/ Emirates Business

It started as a home grown grooming brand in 2001 and today
it is recognized as one of the largest multi-award winning
organically grown companies in the beauty sector.
UAE’s largest, award-winning grooming brand, NStyle International is growing in leaps and bounds.
With over 30 outlets dotted across the globe, NStyle is looking to open over 50 outlets in the next 5 years. NStyle is all set to expand their brand resonance via franchising options. With world class support and cutting edge technology, NStyle plans to conquer the world of beauty and grooming, in style.
NStyle International is recognised as one of the largest organically grown companies in the beauty sector offering premium beauty and grooming services to over 600,000 male and female customers on a yearly basis. The company has a global expansion drive of doubling its stores by 2017, planned across North America and beyond via wholly owned & franchised stores.
NStyle International, the force behind grooming brands NStyle Beauty Lounge, Urban Male Lounge, operates 30+ successful branches spanning the UAE, Canada, Kuwait, Jordan and Bahrain.
The key to this successful expansion is through either ‘sole ownership, fully or partially owned franchises.’
An exponential growth rate and a loyal customer base and services is testimony that when it comes to
the craft of pampering, NStyle
International has got its business model just right.
Most notably,NStyle Franchises are truly on the cutting edge when it comes to refreshing innovations and high tech management resolution with the strongest advantage being the ongoing corporate support
with more than 60 years of
combined experience.
Their quest for success however has not abated. The sky is certainly the limit for the brand as it charges ahead with aggressive expansion plans to open 50 additional outlets within the next 5 years.
Franchise and Business Development Director, David Long says, “We see Single, Area and Master Franchise opportunities available for development in the region. Growth opportunities are currently available initially within the Middle East territory however we are excited about expanding globally.”
The company has highlighted available territories as it scores the region for suitable partnerships. They acquire critical intelligence while developing a market. The number of appropriate locations in a target market is determined after a careful study of the areas demographics, psychographics, and local population. The ideal NStyle International boutique brand is in a high-exposure location with heavy human traffic with a retail appetite. Locations of sites are preferably positioned in well-defined commercial areas with a strong employment base. All Franchisees are then provided with a Franchise Service Agreement that gives the Franchisee limited exclusivity.
There are stringent financial standards also.
“The arrangements differ for Franchise partners, ranging from an initial franchise fee for a single location to Master Franchisee fees.
According to Long, “The investment cost varies depending on the location and size of the store, with an initial agreement term of 5 years with a renewal option for an additional five.”
“Given the track record of franchises so far, it really is a win-win situation for both the brand and the franchisee in this symbiotic relationship. NStyle International enjoys a membership-driven recurring revenue with a base of over 14,815 members and it’s franchisees are looking at an estimated ROI (Return On Investment) of between 2- 3 years, but of course this is dependent on a number of variable factors” Long says.
Highlighting the success of NStyle’s Canada Montreal Franchise, Long Says “The Montreal branch was a huge hit. It led to dozens of franchise requests in that market as well as expansion plans for Ottawa and other Canadian cities.”
David Long explains, “From real estate site selection assistance and store manager recruitment support, to 24/7 Emergency IT Support, and hands-on assistance with all aspects of running a Beauty or Grooming Lounge clinic, we provide world-class training and support focused on building a profitable business and strong brand identity.”
It’s definitely an exciting time for NStyle International.

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