New Black Velvet trilogy from Roger Dubuis

Black Velvet_Roger Dubuis_2016_RDDBVE0051


Marking 2016 as the ‘Year of Diva’, luxury watches brand Roger Dubuis has introduced its new Black Velvet collection. Driven by an all-conquering spirit, the designer watch aims to compliment a woman’s resolutely rebellious attitude — extreme at times, but always as infinitely intriguing.
According to Gregory Bruttin, Research & Development and Watchmaking Director, “the sheer complexity of the challenges involved in creating the Black Velvet trilogy makes it a perfect example of why Roger Dubuis is indeed the ‘jeweller of rare artistic masterpieces’. It is unequivocally a jeweler through its discerning choice of gems and the technical mastery exemplified in their setting.
“Its masterpieces are inherently rare both in terms of the gems that are chosen and by the daring associations they embody. They are moreover inherently artistic through their aesthetic equilibrium as well as the play on colour contrasts, geometrical shapes and subtle textures.”
The ultra-modern trilogy features the revolutionary use of gemset carbon, which called for a newly-evolved and duly patented technique. Given that diamonds are a crystalline form of carbon, this could in fact be seen as the association between two different gems.
These models contribute to altering the masculine perception of carbon, which is transformed here in a manner that propels it firmly into an unmistakable feminine mode. In terms of wearer comfort, this high-tech material ten times lighter than gold ensures an inimitably airy and pleasing feel on the wrist, while the multi-layered technique creates a mottled, wave-life effect that gives each watch a truly unique appearance.
The all-carbon fist in the Black Velvet glove packs a powerful aesthetic punch
that is liable to prove a knockout – and is thus eminently suited to the all-conquering feminine facet it so evocatively channels.

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