Ministry of Health & Prevention inspects medical centers in Sharjah, Fujairah

Ministry of Health & Prevention inspects medical centers in Sharjah, Fujairah copy

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HE Dr. Mohammad Salim Al Olama, the Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention along with Dr. Easa Al Mansoori, the Director of the Undersecretary Office, recently visited the Al Dhaid Medical Center in Sharjah and the Wadi Al Seder Health Center and Al Hala Medical Center in Fujairah to evaluate the quality of health services at these centers and review the areas for improvement. The visits are pursuant to the Ministry’s strategic objectives, including providing high quality and easily accessible healthcare service to the local community and improving adherence to labor regulations. The Ministry’s goals are in line with the UAE Government’s National Healthcare Quality Index.
HE Dr. Al Olama and Dr. Al Mansoori were received at the Al Dhaid Medical Center Sharjah by the center Director, Ms Huda. She briefed H.E. about the center’s daily operations and services. H.E. Dr. Al Olama emphasized the importance of ensuring the healthcare requirements of the patients at the center through efficient and smooth workflow and availability of facilities including latest laboratory equipment, ECG machines, and dental chairs supported with adequate manpower within the existing human resource regulations. H.E. also urged stringent implementation of general maintenance policies.
The patients at the center applauded the Ministry of Health and Prevention for the visit and noted that it reflects the UAE Government’s initiative to ensure the well-being of UAE citizens through delivery of outstanding and accessible healthcare services to all. The center’s employees thanked the Ministry officials and said that these visits were encouraging and had a positive impact on their performance.
In Fujairah, at the Wadi Al Seder Health Center, H.E. Dr. Al Olama and his delegation were welcomed by Sheikha Al Abdouly, the Deputy Director of the Center. The officials toured the center and reviewed the health services offered at the center and reviewed the requirements to improve the healthcare delivery at the center. H.E. Dr. Al Olama recommended increasing the supply of medicines to the center, especially for chronic diseases. H.E. proposed initiating nutrition counseling at the center, integration of two room in the emergency section, removal of the glass barriers between administrative staff and patients, construction of an additional laboratory, and modernization of cardiology equipment at the center.

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