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Milkcow, a trendy South Korean cafe chain with 50 branches around the world, launched its first branch in the Middle East region in the vibrant JBR district within Trident Grand Mall in January 2016. Catering to the buzzing local community they will be the first of their kind to offer a destination ice cream parlour and cafe for residents and visitors alike.
Siyuan Zhang, Managing Director of Milkcow UAE told Emirates Business, “With our first branch in Dubai is the first step of our expansion across the seven Emirates, allowing us to develop a close relationship with local customers by providing top-quality soft serve ice cream with a unique concept. We are confident that this is a key factor for our success, alongside our strategy of providing a destination for special family time as well as being a fun hang out for friends.”
With popular stores around Asia and the United States, Milkcow specialises in producing and serving home-made, premium ice cream with a wide variety of toppings. Not taking them too seriously, Milkcow is a fun and energetic chain that has wide popularity in Asia. With the tagline ‘All About Desserts’, Milkcow produces home-made, premium ice cream that has a soft milky texture, and is served with a variation of unique toppings and syrups. What makes Milkcow so different and popular is the way the ‘MOO Crew’ incorporate these delectable flavours into a unique hand-crafted design, building each creation as if it were a piece of art.
Customers are able to choose from 14 different menu options which the MOO Crew team will build with love in front of their very eyes. Those who want to try one of the signature items can watch in awe as they magically design an explosion of flavour to create one of the popular options. The end result — a unique and irresistible treat bursting with memorable flavours. Every menu option has delicious bespoke toppings, from 100 percent natural honeycomb and freshly made macaroons to candyfloss and tangy syrups.
“With 50 branches around the world in countries like South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and the US, the vision is to expand further into the Middle East to strengthen our international presence, with a focus on UAE first and foremost. We strive to provide the finest ice cream, coffee and pastries at all of our locations,” said Zhang.
Customers can also create their own bespoke Milky Masterpiece, designing their own signature creation by picking their own toppings. With a choice of 20 unique toppings Milkcow will craft customers’ handpicked selection into a work of foodie art.
Milkshakes are a new addition to Milkcow’s delicious menu, and customers can choose from one of four milky flavours; the brand’s signature honey-flavoured shake – called the ‘Milkyshake’, alternatively, Oreo, KitKat or pistachio to satisfy their sweet tooth.
“All our ice cream is crafted and presented as a piece of art, and that is what we want our customers to see and remember. We constantly monitor the quality of our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction, and we work to improve ourselves based on suggestions we receive at our café and on social media; this motivates us to exceed expectations and expand further across the UAE and beyond, ” concluded Zhang.

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