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May to push for aviation security resolution during UN meet



Theresa May will use her time at this week’s United Nations General Assembly to push for a resolution for countries to work together on aviation security, in the wake of a series of attacks on airplanes and airports in the last year.
The new UK prime minister, who was responsible for counter-terrorism efforts in her previous role as home secretary, is concerned that lax security in other countries is putting travelers at risk. After a Metrojet plane crashed in Egypt in October, Britain was the first government to blame a bomb. Since then, the U.K. has expanded its efforts to help other countries improve their systems, with an expanded team of aviation security liaison officers who travel the world offering advice. The question of the security of airports themselves has also been raised this year, following attacks in Istanbul and Brussels.
According to a British official speaking on condition of anonymity, May feels that existing international agreements aren’t being enforced effectively. The resolution that Britain is backing will call for countries with more advanced security systems to assist those that are falling behind.
During her two-day visit to New York, the prime minister will also host a reception for business leaders on Monday evening. Since Britain voted to leave the European Union, May has been arguing that this doesn’t mean closing itself off from international trade.

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