Mashreq Bank enhances ‘Card Control’ with new safety features

A pedestrian passes a Masreq bank branch in Dubai, November 9, 2009.   Photo by  Patrick Castillo


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Mashreq, the market leader in innovation, recently added two new advanced safety features to its Card Control service, integrated to its award-winning mobile banking app – Mashreq Snapp. Both the features are launched for the first time in the UAE.
The two new features ‘Block by Country’ and ‘Block by Merchant Category’ are aimed at giving more power to the customer to safeguard the use of their debit and credit cards. Additionally, Mashreq’s Card Control gives customers the power to lock, block, limit, manage daily purchases and set maximum transaction amount and count on all their cards, thus giving them instant security and empowerment on-the-go.
Aref Al Ramli, Head of Digital Banking & Innovation, Mashreq commented, “Innovation is a part of Mashreq’s DNA. We constantly strive to provide our customer with enhanced customer experience. The new version of Card Control on Mashreq Snapp is launched based on key customer usage insights and customer feedback. With the recent surge in the adoption of mobile banking by customers in the region, there is a corresponding need by banks to provide its customers with relevant safety measures in order to protect them against fraudulent transactions. With these two new features, the ultimate control is with the customer, empowering them to securely self-manage their mobile banking transactions”.
The Block by Country feature allows customers to block specific countries where the card cannot be used. The Block by Merchant
Category feature blocks certain categories so that the customer’s cards can never be used at merchant
categories that are blocked by the customer.
Al Ramli added, “Since the launch in August 2016 of the first version, Card Control has been a great success. Currently, we have 36% of the existing Mashreq Snapp users, who use the Card Control features on a regular basis. This level of usage shows that customers want to be empowered and have control of their cards, transactions and limits.
Mashreq’s multi-award winning Mobile Banking app ‘Mashreq Snapp’ includes features such as push notifications, geo-location, proximity notification and personalized messaging, including location based discounts and offers. The app makes banking an even more convenient experience for Mashreq customers with facilities such as instant e-account opening, Mashreq offers, non Mashreq Credit Card payment, Instant Fixed Deposits and Easy Saver Account opening, without a visit to the branch.

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